Suelo Laminado Hidrofugo para Cocinas y Baños (Libre de PVC)

Tarima Tecnologica de Exterior

Laminated Flooring with Advanced Technology

Wood Flooring and Panels High Resistance

Laminate Floorings, Special Wet Areas, Technological Decking Co-extrusion, Doors and Floors Integrity.

Vanitech develops floors and wood flooring with high technology enabling use in environments that require high wear resistance both as to stains, moisture, temperature, physical or chemical vapor and general wear.

The Vanitech surfaces evoke the beauty of the natural wood, with minimal maintenance.
Vanitech Wooden Surfaces offers more value, structured finishes, incorporating the latest technology to produce outstanding features.
  • Laminated Flooring Quality Extra, Large Formats, Structured Surfaces with Triple Sync and digitized for an even more realistic looking designs.
  • Special Laminate Flooring Water Resistant with Composite Wood (free of PVC or Vinyl) to match the rest of the pavement in large format. (New)
  • Technologic Decking in Recycled Composite, resins and fibers Wood, incorporating the new technology of coextrusion to make it more stable and resistant to mechanical loads and stains.
  • Integrity Collection. Doors and Floors with similar colors and textures to create unique environments (New)
Vanitech offers full control of the process, from manufacturing to delivery to the customer, to ensure consistent quality.